Our team specializes in the sale and purchase of assignment properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you are looking to reassign your contract or find an assignment unit in a pre-construction development, our expertise ensures a smooth and successful experience.
"I took a leap of faith and decided to reach out to The Zadegan Group and asked them to handle my assignment sale. Their network is unreal and their determination to close a transaction is the best I have seen in this business."
- Roder Kondakciu

What is an Assignment Property?

Also known as an off-market listing or exclusive listing, an assignment is the sale of a unit that was purchased by a buyer (assignor) during the pre-construction phase of a development and sold to a new owner (assignee) before completion.

Here is an example of the process:

Step 1

John Doe finds a great pre-construction development and purchases a unit in the building. At this stage, John Doe is actually purchasing the rights to the unit via a purchase agreement, since the building is not completed.

Step 2

Before the building is completed and registered, John Doe has a change of heart. Perhaps he’s relocating or his family has grown since his initial purchase and he needs more space. Since the completion of a pre-construction development can take a few years, this is quite common.

Step 3

Due to the assignment clause in his purchase agreement, he is able to sell the contract for his unit. John Doe reaches out to The Zadegan Group for help — he knows they are the local experts in pre-construction and assignment sales, and trusts their expertise.

Step 4

The Zadegan Group takes on the sale of his contract, and with their established knowledge of the process and network of qualified buyers, are able to quickly find a buyer.

Step 5

The Zadegan Group guides both parties through a hassle-free sale; the buyer is excited to have purchased a unit in a building they originally missed out on, and John Doe has recouped his investment.

How Buyers Benefit

Buying an assignment property is a fantastic opportunity for buyers for many reasons:

Better Opportunities: Oftentimes, buyers miss their chance on a pre-construction project and have to wait years for a unit in the building to come on the market. With assignments, buyers can get into their dream building earlier, sometimes just a few months before occupancy.

Less Competition: Assignments are a lesser-known purchasing option, therefore, fewer buyers pursue them. Assignment buyers can usually avoid stressful multiple offer scenarios and leverage a seller’s need to sell quickly.

A Brand New Space: Assignment buyers reap the benefits of purchasing in a brand new building. If they purchase early on in the process, they can usually select their finishes and upgrades, depending on the builder and contract.

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Selling An Assignment Property

Have you invested in a pre-construction unit that you now want to sell? The Zadegan Group is your key to a smooth assignment sale. Here are the advantages of selling your assignment with our team:

An Extensive Database: There are certain advertising restrictions for assignment sales (set by the builder) that make it more important than ever to work with a well-connected team. Our global network and established database of buyers will help your assignment reach a large number of people and sell for the highest possible price.

Exclusivity: Every aspect of your sale will be handled exclusively by our team, with support from our extended team of trusted professionals.

Swift Profits: With years of experience selling assignments, we have the expertise needed to help you secure your equity as quickly as possible and will ensure your profits reflect current market values.

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Assignment Properties

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