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At The Zadegan Group, we help our clients reach their real estate goals, one step at a time. That’s executed by our team with rapid market insight, an extended suite of services, and tailored processes that deliver exceptional results. Together, we are your team, committed to maximizing your real estate success.


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By aligning yourself with one of the most proficient leaders in residential real estate, every detail of your sale will be tailored to minimize hassle and maximize your ROI.

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Whether your are buying to hold, flip, or sell, you will have The Zadegan Group’s Elite Broker Access, reputable knowledge, and one-on-one attention on your side to secure a high-calibre investment property.


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With every new transaction, accolade, and designation, The Zadegan Group is breaking records and exceeding expectations. See how their history of success will benefit your next sale or purchase today.

She knows the local housing market inside and out, and walked us through the entire home purchase process, from finding a property to closing the deal.

Babak & Shirin

Her resourcefulness, positivity, and amazing negotiation abilities stood out when we were dealing with some very complicated matters pertaining to our case.

Rosie N.

If it wasn’t because of you, we would have never got into investment properties. You made our dreams all possible and within reach.

Maryam N.
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