The Zadegan Group is growing and we are looking for passionate, hard working and customer centric associates to join our team!
Are you ready to take your Real Estate career to the next level? At The Zadegan Group we are privileged to have our reputation in the marketplace provide a steady stream of clients that want to work with us at any given time.


We are innovative, forward thinking and a driven team of individuals who want to change the way people buy or sell Real Estate. We specialize in pre-construction homes and we are fun and dynamic team.

Why Should You Join Us?

Strong Leadership

Leverage our 20 years experience in the industry to be able to pivot at any road block that comes in your way. Our clear vision and one-on-one agent support will allow you to stay on track through all times because of our hands on leadership team.

Lead Generation

We have created a stream of interested clients through our database every single day. Our marketing team continues to make sure that the stream of leads never stops so you can stay busy and talk to more people than ever before.

Name Brand Awareness

The Zadegan Group & RE/MAX. Being as part of the top 0.1% of our industry, you can leverage The Zadegan Group brand to bring more trust to your clientele. The Zadegan Group brand is all about the best quality service for consumers in our communities; and RE/MAX Hallmark is one of the largest brokerages in North America.

One-on-one agent training

Plan and execute, here at The Zadegan Group we have a weekly training schedule to help you excel in your career

Positive Environment

We understand that to do well in this industry, it’s all about being with a team with a positive and healthy environment. A positive and motivational team is what you need for your career.

Marketing Support

Our marketing team ensures your marketing is taken care of. Email marketing, social media marketing, online marketing is all taken care of by us. Stop wasting time on doing these yourself, let our team take care of that so you can focus on what you do best; getting on the phone with more clients.

Client Management Tools

We are a technology driven team. We have systems and processes in place to guarantee your success. No more disorganization, let’s go digital. We have the most comprehensive CRM, Data management tools and technology in place for you to succeed.

Administrative Support

Full time administrative support. At The Zadegan Group and RE/MAX Hallmark, we both have full time administrative support making sure your files are organized and submitted.

Preconstruction Platinum Access

As an established team in preconstruction, we have first access and guaranteed allocations to projects all across Canada. This will ensure you can get into the hottest new launches and get your clients units.


Guiding your clients on purchasing pre construction has never been easier when using

Prehomes Platform: Prehomes is one of the most educational pre construction platforms out there. This will allow you to have an experts knowledge on the pre construction market to be able to educate your clients properly on which pre construction fits their needs best.
Back End Access: As an agent of The Zadegan Group, you get full access to Prehomes. Backend access includes information such as updated inventory, brochures, floor plans and more so you become the expert to educate your clients on which suite fits what they are looking for the best.
Pre construction Platinum Access:  The Zadegan Group has first access to projects all across Canada. This means that if you find a project your client likes and wants to get in during the first launch, then you will have the access to get them the allocation.

Zadegan University

Consumers want to work with an agent who has expert knowledge and grasp on their marketplace. We are investment advisors, it’s imperative you know your market. Welcome to Zadegan University.

Experience Training
Understanding the ins and outs of the industry. Experience bundled into training programs that allow you to grow your knowledge on Real Estate Sales.
Technology Training
Compact training on how to use our systems and technology. Easy to use systems that require little training to get you in the flow of using them. If you use the systems and technology we have implemented, you will succeed in your Real Estate Career.
Skills Training
It is vital to make sure that your skills as a salesperson are sharp at all times. This is why we have implemented skills training for you to grow your skills to apply them on the field.


Do you want to learn more about The Zadegan Group and how our agents are spending less time prospecting/doing administrative work and spending more time working with the clients who are ready to purchase coming straight to their sales pipeline? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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